Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I am so proud to announce that I have reached a milestone in my business...MY 100TH PILLOW! Right now I have made 99 pillows and would like to create a special 100th pillow for one of my fans. This is my way of thanking all my loyal customers and friends for their support of my business.

To enter to win the 100th PILLOW GIVEAWAY, all you need to do is:

1. Look through my website and decide which pillow is your favorite.

2. Then post a comment under this blog posting. In your comment tell me which pillow is your favorite and why. (Hint: the pillows all have names above their photos on the website). Include your name and some way for me to contact you if you win- like an email address. (If you don't want to leave your email address on the blog for privacy reasons, you can email me your contact info seperately at:

3. On March 31 I will put everyone's name in a hat that posted a comment on this blog about my pillows. Then I will close my eyes and draw one out of a hat. That person will win a totally free 14 x 14 inch quilted pillow. You choose the colors, patterns, style, etc! I'll even ship it to you for free! Hooray!
Here are the 99 pillows I've made:

1 Police
2 Grass
3 Rust
4 Strawberry
5 Banana Split
6 Bulldog Tooth Fairy
7 Chocolate and Blueberries
8 Elmo Tooth Fairy
9 Bulldog Tooth Fairy
10 Bear and Bee Tooth Fairy
11 Safari
12 Fire
13 Fun Florals Pinwheel
14 Fun Florals
15 Purple Psychadelic
16 All Batik and Hand-dyed
17 Hawaii
18 Georgia Bulldog Tooth Fairy
19 Pink Ballerina Tooth Fairy
20 Kitty
21 Summer of Sun
22 Red, Blue, and Cherries too
23 Angel Tooth Fairy Pillow
24 Custom for Charity
25 Pink Hydrangea
26 Pink Hydrangea
27 Funky Flamingo
28 Tape Measure
29 Eiffel Tower Tooth Fairy
30 Wild West Map Pillow
31 Carrot Cake
32 Heart
33 Blue Guitar
34 America
35 Grape Splash
36 Yellow Handkerchief
37 Wilderness
38 Tape Measure 2
39 Day at the Zoo
40 Spring Flowers
41 Spring Flowers
42 Georgia Peach
43 Crazy Kitty
44 Paper Doll
45 Poppy
46 Farm Tooth Fairy Pillow
47 The Grass is Always Greener
48 Southern Peach Map
49 City Girl
50 Flowers and Birdies
51 Strawberry Fields
52 Flamingoes
53 Sew Awesome
54 Birds and Bears Tooth Fairy Pillow
55 Plum
56 Yellow Safari
57 Custom for Colleen
58 Custom for Colleen
59 Blue Guitar 2
60 Ducklings Photo Pillow
61 Plum Crazy
62 Pumpkin Petals
63 Beachy Keen
64 Purple Peach
65 Poppy Pillow for Lark Books
66 Horse Photo Pillow
67 Sock Monkey
68 UGA Map Pillow for Kreslyn
69 Monkeying Around
70 Custom Tie Pillow for Kendra
71 Custom Pillow for Brian
72 Custom Pillow for Brian
73 Banana Rama
74 Blue Circle
75 Brown and Peach Stripes
76 Carrot Cupcake
77 Bulldog Tooth Fairy
78 Bulldog Tooth Fairy
79 Day at the Beach
80 Desert
81 Diagonal Blue
82 Hawaiian Tropics
83 Nature
84 Orange Jungle
85 Sunset
86 Black and White
87 Garden
88 Watermelon Punch
89 Brown and Red Athens Map
90 Blue and Yellow UGA Map
91 Blue and Green Circles Athens Map
92 Green Peace
93 Pink Athens Map
94 Red, Black, and White UGA Map
95 Red and Black UGA Map
96 Dotty Orange and Blue
97 Dotty Orange and Blue 2
98 Red and Black Stripey
99 Red and Black Log Cabin
100 ???


Karen said...

Here is an example:

My favorite pillows are the "Tape Measure Stripey Pillows" because I love fall colors like orange and yellow.


Emily Hunter said...

Can I cheat? I love 2 kinds: I love love the Athens Pillow, because the printed-on map reminds me of home and the fun times I had at UGA, both as a student and a "townie"...

but I also love the Grandfather's Tie Pillow. Not only does it create a legacy with which to remember a loved one, but it's also a great example of reusing and recycling otherwise tossed-aside material.

Love all of them! Hooray for Karen!

Ina said...

I love them all!

Hola amiga~
What a creative cat you are :)

Here is my choice:
The Pink Hydrangea Stripey Pillow: it reminds me of spring, which equals warmer weather and pretty flowers. (Minus the pollen!)


You know my e-mail, right?

Carolyn said...

Hi there, while so many of your pillows are fantastic, I really love those that have bright, fun colors. I think my favorite is "Hawaiian Tropic".

Anonymous said...

I like the Birds & Bears tooth fairy nostalgic. I didn't know kids had tooth fairy pillows any more! I still have mine. :)


Cathy Dailey said...

I love the athens map pillows, but my favorite on your list of pillows is the City Girl Log Cabin pillow! I love the subtle colors and sophisticated design. But I think all of your pillows are gorgeous! You are so talented!

Cathy Dailey said...

So many that I love - it's so hard to choose! But I keep going back to the Fire Log Cabin Pillow as my favorite. I love the variety of patterns all with red as the dominant color. :)


Darcel said...

I LOVE the pillows. They remind me of when I was a child and the quilts of different colors and patterns were on my Grandmothers bed.

My favorite pillow is the Sunset. Bob and I had our honeymoon in Hawaii and the sunsets are something we will never forget. We may have pictures of them but the picture in our minds and hearts will be forever.

Darcel ( congratulations on your 100th pillow girl. You are VERY talented)

Nicole said...

I love the Banana Rama pillow. I don't know, something about the yellows and those hypnotic circles get to me.

Nicole said...

Sorry, Nicole at

Virginia said...

What a nice way to celebrate. Love the jungle print. What a way to celebrate your efforts. Thank you, love the jungle print!
-Virginia J.

Christy Bowman said...

Karen I love the pillows that I have bought from you- #19 the pink ballerina tooth fairy - we used it this weekend. Also #66 the horse photo pillow that we have designed an entire room of our house around. Of the ones listed on the site I love the Day at the Beach pillow- great calm colors and I like the stitching. Love your stuff- one day you could have a show at my house since it is becoming a gallery of your work!

Ellen Low said...

Hey Sweetie, all of them are my favorites. Each one is a beautiful work of art. You are so talented. But since I am your mom and biggest fan, I will have to withdraw from the giveaway (you know Mother's Day is right around the corner! hint hint)
Love you, Mom

Dawn Spruill said...

I love the UGA maps with the red and black borders. I wish I had one of them when I was working on my doctorate, it would have helped me navigate around campus! I also think it would make a great gift for our favorite Tennessee fans, Christy and mr. Wonderful!

Elizabeth said...

I love the horse at the farm pillow, I love the way such an old horse can look so photogenic? I don't know maybe its because I love the farm so much : )
elizabeth Phillips

Anonymous said...

I love the "day at the beach" pillow...the soft organges and peaches combined with the aqua blues woven with the abstract, yoga-esque spirals designs take me back to the years I lived on St. Simons Island--living free, walking to the Pier and doing yoga at sundown staring over the ocean...ahhh memories all wrapped up into one pillow :)
Natalie Peterson