Thursday, May 20, 2010

The BIG 3-0

I just turned 30 years old yesterday. Crazy. Time sure does seem to fly by. So, I spent a little time reflecting on some of my favorite things I've done over the last decade. Here's a sampling:
2001- I fell in love big time in this very room at my campus ministry. Later my sweetie beat me in a pie eating contest here. This photo reminds me of a lot of good times.

2001- Studied painting, photography, and bookmaking in Cortona, Italy. Ate way too much gelato and loved every second of it.

2002-2010 I've been teaching art to a bunch of awesome elem. kiddos. We really got into Jackson Pollock with this project!

2004- Studied art history and photography for my Masters of Art Education in Bayeux, France. Here I am at the Palace of Versailles.

2006- Got married to the love of my life.

2007- That year I started Shutterstitch and began doing festivals and selling my travel photos and pillows.

2010- Gave birth to what I think must be the cutest baby on the planet. :)

Goals for the next 10 years:
1. Write more love letters to my husband.
2. Have more kids. Later. Not anytime soon.
3. Be a good mommy and wife.
4. Go to Ireland, Prague, Greece, and Japan, or at least some of those places.
5. Learn how to grow and sustain my own vegetable garden.
6. Continue to grow my business.
7. Breathe and take time to enjoy each day.

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julia said...

I feel so blessed to have known you throughout the past 10 years!! Here's to 10 more, friend! :)
I'm so glad that you put this collection of photos together. Pure sweetness.