Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mother's Day: It's the Thought that Counts

I just thought you might get a kick out of what I got for my first ever Mother's Day present. Since this is the first time I am a mother myself, I was kind of expecting some lavish treatment on that day. Instead I got a gray blob. Yup. You heard me. A gray blob. My husband attempted to make an impression of our two month old's foot and our son moved around so much that the impression ended up as just a blob of gel. He never got around to adding the plaster of paris to the gel base (which is step 2) because it didn't turn out. Oh honey, thanks anyway. It's the thought that counts. Maybe try that again when he's about 5 years old. :)

If anyone out there has successfully achieved this with an infant, let us know how you did it.


Leigh said...

There is a white clay made by crayola that is air dry. It is in a tube that you can reuse. you take out a hand full kneed it a little and roll it to about 1/4" ( roll on wax paper) press the hand or foot in heal first (takes 2 people) push down on top of foot/hand and each finger/toe. cut into shape with cookie cutter or knife. if wanting to hang use a straw and poke out a whole at the top.
this is also good for making ornaments for grandparents. hope this helps you

Shutterstitch said...

GREAT IDEA! Thank you Leigh. I will definitely have to try that next time.